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Project Profiles

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At George Washingtons’s Mount Vernon, McKnight conducted an extensive analysis of flotation and waterscreen-recovered plant remains from the South Grove Midden and the House for Families

For the Maryland Archaeological Conservation Laboratory, McKnight designed and helps to maintain the Maryland Archeobotanical Database webpage This unique resource aggregates Maryland’s archeobotanical data in a searchable format with interpretive summaries that place the information in a publicly-accessible and user-friendly format.  Project components include summaries of archaeological sites bearing plant data, a searchable database of archaeologically-recovered plant remains, and an interpretive history of Maryland’s landscapes.

McKnight is co-creator of the Chesapeake Archeobotanical Database, which serves to organize fine-grained data from archaeological sites in Maryland, Virginia and Delaware. 

Throughout 2013 and 2014, McKnight served as project archeobotanist on five Cultural Resource Management teams working within the Delaware Department of Transportation’s US Route 301 project corridor.   Excavation of a series of 17th and 18th century sites produced a wealth of archeobotanical data.

McKnight maintains partnerships with area colleges and universities, including the University of Maryland, The College of William & Mary, and Washington College and assists with archaeological field schools